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About Me

The fine arts have always been a major part of my life; from the dance studio, to the dark room and bead store. I was fortunate to turn what was once a passion into an extraordinary and rigorous academic path at The University of Texas at Austin where I received a degree in Art History and Business. This led me to a career start in the artworld in New York City. I have held various internships at art galleries including Gagosian Gallery’s headquarters. I am now an Auctions Associate at Artnet where I catalogue and research on the Post-War & Contemporary team.

I am interested in the legality and ethicality surrounding art appropriation, how technology has transformed the way we look at works, and how modernity, in general, has commoditized art. My desire to explore the divisiveness of Contemporary visual culture is apparent throughout my various art projects as I intend to highlight the importance of context and viewership.

Through my travels I have furthered my passion for the culture, history, and arts of past and present civilizations, and have enjoyed photographing friends and family along the way.

This website is a way for me to share all of the work I have created over the years, enjoy!

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Micaela Robinson

(404) 333-2852

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